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About us

Echo Investment - a trustworthy developer

After 25 years of operation and presence on the Stock Exchange, we are the largest Polish developer. During this time, we have completed 200 projects with a total area of 2 million square meters! We are distinguished by extensive experience - we are the only developer that operates in all major real estate markets: residential, office, retail and commercial, and hotel markets. Now we use these competences to design friendly, multifunctional spaces.

We are aware of the growing importance of local communities in modern world. We spend more and more time in our apartments and their immediate vicinity – not only resting, but also working, learning or taking care of everyday matters.

Therefore, we see our investments not in terms of an isolated element, but part of a larger whole – an urban ecosystem with specific advantages and needs. We try to enrich the local offer by creating open and multifunctional spaces full of greenery, where everything you need is closer to you.

We comprehensively care for the well-being of our residents by implementing amenities that increase the quality of life and promote pro-ecological behavior.

Our apartments are equipped with wireless Echo Smart devices that can be controlled by voice commands and the mobile application. As part of Echo Life Services, in the building and its surroundings, we install solutions that make life easier, such as: contactless access to common areas or parcel collection and delivery points.

We also encourage you to use bikes, electric cars and car-sharing thanks to the development of infrastructure:

• installation of bicycle hangers and stands,
• chargers for e-cars,
• providing dedicated parking spaces.

And the use of renewable energy sources and water from retention helps us create sustainable housing estates, in line with the concept of a clean and zero-emission city.

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