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Echo Smart

Manage an intelligent apartment

Echo Smart is a wireless system for managing an intelligent apartment using voice commands or remotely via a smartphone application.

Thanks to Echo Smart, you can turn on or off electrical appliances, control lighting, open or close the front door or check what is happening in the apartment in real time from the other room or even from the other end of the globe!

Turn your phone into the management center of the entire apartment! Control devices and freely add new elements in the Echo Smart system.

The Echo Smart system with free installation is included in the price of the apartment.

What will the Echo Smart enable you?

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Voice control

Say an appropriate command aloud and your virtual assistant will perform the given action, e.g. turn off the light in the living room, cover the blinds, turn on the music or search the Internet for the answer to your question

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Lighting control

You don’t have to get up to the switch again. Whether you want to turn the lights on or off in the other room, or make sure all the lights are off when you’re on vacation. You can do this right where you are, as long as you have coverage.

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Power cut

Have you ever wondered if you turned off the iron or the stove before leaving the house? Thanks to the Echo Smart, this question will not remain without answer – and without reaction – as it turns out necessary. You will cut off the power to the device with one click in the application.

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Are you worried about your apartment during your vacation? You don’t know what the children are doing in your absence? Or maybe you are not sure if your parents are okay? Connect from anywhere with the camera in your apartment and you will see what the situation looks like.

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Remote door opening

You can easily and remotely let children into home when they come home from school earlier and discover that they did not take their keys with them. You can also open the door to anyone else you want to let in while you are away. You can easily pair a smart door-lock with the Echo Smart.

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Cutting off the media

Smoke and flood detectors ensure your safety – they will alert you as soon as a threat is detected, allowing you to react quickly. If you decide to use a solenoid valve, you can automatically cut off the water and electricity supply in the event of flooding.

Your life will be easier with Echo Smart solutions.

Imagine that you are leaving the house in a hurry. You want to do it as soon as possible, but you still need to turn off the lights and various electrical devices, close the blinds and activate the alarm, right? Thanks to the application on your phone, you can do it in a second. All you need to do is combine all routine activities into a scenario and you are just one click away from carrying them out! And this is just a fraction of the possibilities offered by the Echo Smart.

Let’s reverse the situation – this time you come back to the apartment. After a hard day, you want to rest as soon as possible. On the way, you can turn up the heating (or air conditioning – depending on the season), turn on the lights and even play music of your choice. Echo Smart gives you control over devices and the entire smart home from anywhere within the range of the Internet. All you need is access to the application on your phone or tablet or just your voice after crossing the threshold of your apartment.

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